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Most individuals associated with the Brethren assemblies today are generally unaware of the rich doctrinal history of the Brethren and how this history has influenced Christianity as a whole. Many Brethren and non-Brethren Christians alike have various misconceptions as to the exact nature of the teachings of the Brethren.

Furthermore, there has been a considerable drift in the doctrinal position within the Brethren assembly movement, as there has been amongst many other groups. A key area where this is seen is in the drift from a literal, Dispensational view of the Scriptures towards a figurative, Covenantal view of the Scriptures. This has resulted in a drift from the centrality of the cross for both salvation and sanctification to a man centered focus.

Many publications and articles have been written in recent years describing Brethren distinctives but there is a decided lack of availability of material on the underlying foundational theological perspective upon which these distinctives are based.

What follows is an overview of traditional Brethren doctrine and the doctrinal position of the Pembroke Bible Chapel. It is believed that the latter is consistent with historical brethren teaching as found in the Bible. In addition there are sections on dispensationalism and identification truths and a reference section with pdfs of many out of print material related to this subject.

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