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Do you know that you can have eternal life here and now in this present life? The central message of the Bible is all about how you can obtain this gift of eternal life. God freely offers eternal life as a gift to every person who wants to receive it. It is not given in response to anything that you do or promise to do. There are no strings attached to this offer from God. These links describe the essence of this gift from God.

This gift is offered freely to every person who comes to God through faith alone in the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ's substitutionary death on the cross is the only means by which you can be made right with God. This good news is summarized as follows.

  • In the beginning of time, God created the universe and all that is in it including the earth and everything on it.
  • God is thus the maker and owner of all things.
  • The final act of God was the creation of the first man and woman who were placed in a perfect environment on earth.
  • God gave the man and woman two tasks - to take care of the earth and to have children in order to fill the earth with their offspring.
Adam and Eve
  • They had a close relationship with God and only knew what was good.
  • They would never die and could eat of the fruit of all the trees in the garden except one - the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Eating of the Fruit
  • They chose to rebel against God and join forces with Satan. They wanted to know about evil as well as good, so they ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  • They were now separated from God; knew both good and evil; were under Satan’s power and control; and would eventually die.
Separated from God
  • They were put out of the garden away from God and the tree of life.
  • Every person who has lived on this earth, as a descendant of Adam, has been born into the world in a state of separation from God and under Satan’s control. This is true of all races and cultures.
Angels at the Gate
  • All crime, war, and every other evil in this world is the consequence of this one great disaster which came upon the human race.
Cain Kills Abel
  • However, God, in his love and kindness, provided a way for man to be delivered from Satan’s power and control and to be reunited with God.
  • Jesus Christ entered the world as a virgin born baby with no human father and was thus without any sin - fully God and fully man.
Jesus' Birth
  • God the Son, Jesus Christ, was the way for man to be reunited to God. By Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, in the place of sinful man, He fully satisfied God’s justice.
  • Jesus Christ, as man, took man’s place of judgement, and, as God, He did this for all men. He became the perfect substitute and sacrifice for every person who has ever lived on this planet.
  • Jesus Christ, in His death, was separated from God the Father so that sinful man and woman could be reunited to God.
The Cross
  • Christ was raised from the dead to prove God’s acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice for sinful man.
  • As a result of Christ's death and resurrection all men can now have eternal life in union with God - never to be separated from God again.
Christ's Ascending

You can enter into the benefits of this great work of deliverance by recognizing your sinful and lost condition, and by accepting, by faith, Christ’s death on the cross on your behalf.

As a result, you are reunited to God, Satan’s power and control over you is broken, and you are given a new life which will never end.

When this happens, God the Spirit comes to live within you to empower you to live a new kind of life.

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