Pembroke Bible Chapel

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We are an autonomous group of Christians who gather in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Doctrinal Sources:
The Bible is regarded as the sole source of teaching in the Church. All activities of the Pembroke Bible Chapel are governed by our statement of Vision, our Statement of Faith, and by our Principles and Practices.
We welcome into fellowship all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. All believers are encouraged to exercise their spiritual gifts in the local assembly.
We practice baptism by immersion, as a believer’s public confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week.
We assemble for edification, fellowship, the Lord’s Supper, and for prayer. Public teaching consists of expository preaching from the Scriptures.
A nursery is provided for the Sunday morning services.
Sunday School:
Sunday School classes are available on Sundays at 11:00am
Church Government:
This assembly is governed by the elders who are responsible to God for the spiritual leadership, discipline, and care of the believers. Deacons are responsible for the material matters.
Evangelism is the responsibility of each individual believer as well as the entire body of Christ. Assembly evangelism is accomplished by means of specific outreach activities in the local community and by the sending and supporting of foreign missionaries.
Moral Code:
Our moral standards are founded on the Bible. All activities are to be conducted with decency, modesty, and with respect to others in the congregation. Marriage is the union between one man and one woman. Sexual relations outside of marriage are prohibited.
The ministries of the assembly are supported by the believers who give as the Lord has prospered them. An offering is taken during the Lord’s Supper. Tax receipts are available.
Building Use:
The building will only be used for religious activities. Its use is normally only for those in fellowship in the Pembroke Bible Chapel and their immediate families. Use of the building will only be permitted to those who adhere to our Statement of Faith and to our Moral Code of Practice. Any use by other Christian groups or individuals is restricted to those who, in the sole opinion of the Elders, conform to our Statement of Faith and to our Moral Code, and each case must be approved by the assembly oversight in advance.
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