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Authority Scripture is the final authority in everything
Foundation The unity of the body of Christ on earth
Ecunemism Independent and autonomous
Membership Members of Christ's body and of one another
Perspective One with all born again members of the body of Christ on earth
Worship Spirit led and based on Biblical truth
Fellowship Based on the true unity and the practical purity of the body
Position Seated in the heavenlies with Christ
Prayer Prayer precedes and permeates everything
Spirituality Each individual growing in their walk with God
Relationships Getting close enough to love and build up one another
Focus Time sensitive, relevant -- not just busy
Equipping Teaching skills for personal growth and ministry
Purposeful Doing things in a way that best accomplishes our mission/vision
Freedom Individual and corporate initiative and creativity in life and ministry
Stewardship Making the most of all that God has given us
Home life Supporting the priority of quality family relationships
Care Sensitivity and kindness in time of need
Evangelism Growing by conversions -- everybody needs what Christ offers
Communication Openness, honesty and commitment to resolve conflict biblically
Leadership Multiple leaders that are qualified, effective and passionate
Impact Involvement that makes a difference inside and outside the church
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