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This Way Up - A Study in 2 Corinthians (June 2009 - May 2010)

Following his first letter to the church at Corinth (where Paul addressed a number of problems; see 1 Corinthians Series), Corinthian believers began to question Paulís sincerity and apostolic authority. Paul wrote his second letter to address this and other issues in order to encourage the spiritual growth of Corinthian believers.

In this very personal letter, Paul "boasts" of the sufferings he endured for the sake of serving Jesus Christ. In this portion of inspired scripture, we see that things like affliction, conflict, persecution and weakness accomplish something far better than our natural sense of reasoning would indicate. In fact, God uses difficult times in a marvelous way to take us to where He wants us to be. Without afflictions, we cannot experience what it is like to truly live in the resurrection power of Christ.

This epistle gives us insight into "the mystery of suffering" - an issue that the entire human race wrestles with (see Study in the Book of Job). As we study this book, we will see that the path of spiritual growth in Christ is one that our flesh (the natural mind) resists. In fact, the way "up" (growth in the character of Jesus Christ) is through faith in the way of His cross - death ("down") to our self-centred, sinful ways that come naturally. This truth is embodied in key verses such as 1:9, 4:11 and 12:10 and is consistent with teaching in other Pauline epistles.

Jun 14, 2009 The Source of True Comfort (1:1-8) Play PDF  
Jun 21, 2009 Why Suffer? (1:9-11) Play PDF  
Jun 28, 2009 Confident in Christ (1:12-16) Play    
Jul 12, 2009 Certainties (1:17-22) Play PDF  
Jul 19, 2009 Paul's Anguish (1:23-2:4) Play PDF  
Jul 26, 2009 Sufficient Punishment (2:5-13) Play PDF  
Aug 9, 2009 The Aroma of Christ (2:14-17) Play PDF  
Aug 16, 2009 Living Tablets (3:1-3) Play    
Aug 23, 2009 Law vs. Spirit (3:4-11) Play PDF  
Aug 30, 2009 The Veil Removed (3:12-18) Play PDF  
Sep 20, 2009 The Light of Christ (4:1-6) Play    
Sep 27, 2009 Death Before Life? (4:7-12) Play    
Oct 11, 2009 Don't Lose Heart (4:13-18) Play    
Oct 18, 2009 Our New Heavenly Body (5:1-10) Play PDF  
Oct 25, 2009 We're Completely New! (5:11-17) Play PDF  
Nov 8, 2009 Ambassadors of Reconciliation (5:18-21) Play    
Nov 15, 2009 The Marks of a True Servant of Christ (6:1-10) Play    
Nov 22, 2009 Don't Be Unequally Yoked (6:11-18) Play    
Nov 29, 2009 Genuine Repentance (7:2-13a) Play PDF  
Dec 6, 2009 Paul's Confidence (7:13b-16) Play PDF  
Jan 3, 2010 Generosity - Giving Freely to Others (8:1-15) Play PDF  
Jan 10, 2010 Policies in Giving (8:16-24) Play PDF  
Jan 17, 2010 Preparations for Giving (9:1-5) Play PDF  
Jan 24, 2010 Promises in Giving (9:6-15) Play PDF  
Jan 31, 2010 Mighty in Christ (10:1-10) Play    
Feb 14, 2010 Boasting in the Lord (10:11-18) Play PDF  
Feb 21, 2010 False Teaching (11:1-6) Play PDF  
Feb 28, 2010 False Teachers (11:7-15) Play PDF  
Mar 14, 2010 Boasting about Weakness (11:16-33) Play PDF  
Mar 21, 2010 Weak, Yet Strong (12:1-10) Play    
Mar 28, 2010 Sacrificing for the Good of Others (12:11-18) Play PDF  
Apr 18, 2010 Appeal for Repentance (12:19-21) Play PDF  
Apr 25, 2010 Crucified, Yet Alive (13:1-10) Play PDF  
May 2, 2010 Conclusion (13:11-14) Play PDF  
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