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A Series in the Book of Ezra (March-June 2009)

This series will examine the historical record of the rebuilding of the Jewish temple as recorded in the book of Ezra, and look at spiritual principles that are parallel to New Testament church truth. Practical applications will be emphasized.

1.  Released from Captivity (Ezra 1-2; March 22) Play PDF  
        - Jewish captives freed after 70 years of captivity in Babylon      
        - Believers freed from bondage of sin      
2.  Gathered as One (Ezra 3; April 5) Play    
        - Freed captives gathered as one man, kept the Feast of Tabernacles      
          and laid the temple foundations with joy and weeping      
        - The Lord's Supper      
3.  Opposed by Adversaries (Ezra 4; April 19) Play PDF  
        - Resistance to building the temple      
        - Spiritual warfare      
4.  Perseverance (Ezra 5-6; April 26) Play    
        - Work resumed on temple (encouraged by Haggai & Zechariah)      
        - The importance of enduring faith      
5.  A Heart for the Lord (Ezra 7; May 10) Play PDF  
        - Ezra's heart was prepared to seek, do and teach the God's Word      
        - Being Hearers and Doers of the Word      
6.  Relying on God, not Man (Ezra 8; May 17) Play PDF  
        - Sought God's protection from danger rather than the king's      
        - Living by Faith in God      
7.  The Importance of Separation (Ezra 9; May 24) Play PDF  
        - The people do not maintain separation from their Gentile neighbours      
        - Christian separation - was it is, what it is not      
8.  Putting Away Sin (Ezra 10; June 7) Play PDF  
        - They 'put away' their Gentile wives      
        - Putting off the old man; putting on the new      
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