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The Fruit of the Spirit

A teaching series on the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22 and 23 from April to July 2006.

This is an in depth look at the apostle Paul's teaching on this important subject. It is evident that this passage is dealing with the character of the believer as opposed to the conduct. However, it is also evident that conduct is determined by character.

The point emphasized in this study is that these character traits come from God through the agency of the Holy Spirit working in the believer's life. The fruit (of the Holy Spirit) is produced on the branches (the believer in Jesus Christ) from the life (of God) that flows from the vine (The Lord Jesus Christ) as described in John 15. The source is the life of God; it is not from any human effort or effect.

In contrast to this, the previous verses in Galatians 5 describe the works of the flesh. These works are the natural outcome of our fallen human nature; they are not from the Spirit. In fact there is a war taking place within the believer between the old flesh nature and the new creation nature controlled by the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:17). It is important to recognize that all "self" effort is of no value.

It is essential to recognize that all nine of these character traits can only come from God through the Holy Spirit. It is, in fact, impossible for the believer to truly manifest any of these qualities apart from the work of the Spirit.

Love A self sacrificing agape love whose only source is God. This as well as all the other fruits are an impossibility for any human to achieve.
Joy A sense of gladness and contentment in the face of the various circumstances of life.
Peace A harmony and accord in an individual who is under the control of the Holy Spirit
Longsuffering Often referred to as patience, is a quality of self-restraint in the face of provocation. Comes literally from the idea of "long" and "temper".
Gentleness A person noted as being good, gracious, and kind
Goodness One who is honorable, pleasing to God, and therefore beneficial. The "good" is an absolute and not a relative good as human standards may imply.
Faith This trait is a complete trusting surrender to God that, as a result, produces a conduct inspired by such surrender.
Meekness This is a quality exercised primarily towards God in which one accepts God's dealings with us as a good thing and therefore we endure all things without disputing or resisting.
Temperance The right use of this quality demands the controlling power of the will under the operation of the Spirit of God. This is more than human will power and is rather the Spirit working through a yielding believer

Apr.23, 2006 Galatians 5 Introduction Al Lockley Play
Apr.30, 2006 Galatians 5 Love Al Lockley Play
May 7, 2006 Galatians 5 Joy Don Axford Play
May 21, 2006 Galatians 5 Peace Don Axford Play
May 28, 2006 Galatians 5 Longsuffering Al Lockley Play
Jun.4, 2006 Galatians 5 Gentleness Al Lockley Play
Jun.18, 2006 Galatians 5 Goodness Mark Floyd Play
Jun.25, 2006 Galatians 5 Faith Mark Floyd Play
Jul.2, 2006 Galatians 5 Meekness Mark Floyd Play
Jul.9, 2006 Galatians 5 Temperance Don Axford Play
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