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Who's The Greatest? - A Study in the Book of Hebrews (January-October 2008)

The book of Hebrews was written to Hebrew Christians to show them the superiority of Christ and Christianity to their Old Testament Judaistic rituals and religion. Some may have been having second thoughts about Christianity not fully recognizing how completely Christ had fulfilled all of the Old Testament types and shadows.

The book basically answers the questions -
   1. How does Christianity fit with Old Testament Judaism?
   2. How does Christ tie in to the Old Testament?

The book quotes extensively from the Old Testament with reference made to about three quarters of the books of the old. These quotations and references would be particularly valuable and helpful to Jewish Christians who were familiar with the Old Testament ritual.

Some of the key words in the book are "better", "perfect", and "heavenly". The new is so much "better" than the old. Christ is better than the prophets, angels and Moses. His priesthood is better than the Aaronic priesthood. His mediation is better than that of Moses. His tabernacle is better than the earthly tabernacle. His onetime sacrifice is better than all of the Old Testament sacrifices combined. The New Testament born again believer has a better and sure hope for a better country - heaven itself. He has a better access to God through a better covenant than the old. He is empowered to perform a better service than those of old through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

The imperfect old, Judaism and its earthly priests, has been replaced by the "perfect" person and priesthood of Christ. The old was an imperfect earthly religion where a priest mediated between God and the people while the new is a perfect heavenly relationship where Christ, our great High Priest in heaven, who continuously mediates between us and God. The old had an earthly tabernacle whereas the new has a heavenly and real tabernacle where God dwells.

God's New Covenant with Israel, as prophesied by Jeremiah long ago, is described in detail. This New Covenant will come into full force with Israel in the Millennium. The New Testament, Church age, born again believer is a beneficiary of the Eternal Covenant between God and the Lord Jesus Christ through faith in Christ's death and shed blood on the cross.

The book contains a number of warnings to believers to continue in the faith. We are exhorted not to lose our hope or rest in Christ, not to become unfruitful, not to despise Christ, not to lose our confidence in Christ, and not to cease listening to Christ. Some of these warnings have generated considerable debate as to their interpretations and this will be considered as we study through the book.

Jan 13, 2008 1:1-4 Christ Greater Than the Prophets MP3 PDF  
Jan 20, 2008
Christ Greater Than the Angels MP3 PDF  
Jan 27, 2008
Warning #1: Don't Lose Hope MP3 PDF  
Feb 3, 2008
Pre-eminent in His Humanity MP3 PDF  
Feb 10, 2008
Christ Greater Than Moses MP3 PDF  
Feb 24, 2008
Warning #2: Don't Lose Rest MP3 PDF  
Mar 2, 2008
The Cure for Restlessness MP3 PDF  
Mar 16, 2008
Christ's Greater Priesthood MP3 PDF  
Mar 30, 2008
Warning #3: Don't Become Unfruitful MP3 PDF  
Apr 13, 2008
A Better Way MP3 PDF  
Apr 20, 2008
Christ Greater Than Melchizedek MP3 PDF  
Apr 27, 2008
Christ Greater Than Levitical Priesthood MP3 PDF  
May 11, 2008
Jesus the Mediator MP3 PDF  
May 18, 2008
The New Covenant MP3 PDF  
May 25, 2008
The Earthly Sanctuary MP3 PDF  
Jun 8, 2008
Christ's Blood Cleanses Our Consciences MP3 PDF  
Jun 15, 2008
Christ's Blood Procures Forgiveness MP3 PDF  
Jun 22, 2008
Christ's Perfect Sacrifice MP3 PDF  
Jun 29, 2008
Christ's Complete Work MP3 PDF  
Jul 13, 2008
Warning #4: Don't Rebel Against the Lord MP3 PDF  
Jul 20, 2008
Warning #5: Don't Lose Confidence MP3 PDF  
Aug 10, 2008
Faith Defined MP3 PDF  
Aug 17, 2008
Examples of Faith MP3 PDF  
Aug 31, 2008
Divine Discipline MP3 PDF  
Sep 14, 2008
Warning #6: Don't Cease Listening MP3 PDF  
Sep 21, 2008
Body Life MP3    
Sep 28, 2008
Church Life MP3 PDF  
Oct 12, 2008
Conclusion MP3 PDF  
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