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Life in the Sin Cycle - A Study in the Book of Judges

Prior to Israel entering the Promised Land, God warned them that they were not to allow pagans that dwelt in the land to live with them. If they did, the corrupt religion and lifestyle of these people would morally corrupt the Jews. When Israel came into the land, they tired of trying to drive the Canaanite people out, failing to trust that God, in time, would give them victory as He had promised. As a result, they disobeyed God and cohabitated with people of corrupting influence. This initiated a cycle of sin for the nation of Israel that lasted for over 300 years.

Each 'sin cycle' begins with Israel rebelling against God, worshipping false gods. In His anger, the Lord delivers them into the hand of their enemies, resulting in sorrow, enslavement and oppression. Realizing the error of their ways, Israel calls out to God, who raises up deliverers ('judges') to lead them to victory over their enemies. Israel then lives in peace for a season, serving the Lord. When the judge dies, Israel rebels again, restarting the sin cycle.

The book of Judges records the activities of thirteen judges twelve men and one woman. In this study, we will look at New Testament Church parallels and practical applications for modern-day Christians.

Sep 11, 2011 Introduction (1) Play  
Sep 18, 2011 Disobedience Brings Future Trouble (2:1-19) Play PDF
Sep 25, 2011 Othniel - The First Judge (2:20-3:11) Play PDF
Oct 16, 2011 Ehud & Shamgar (3:12-31) Play  
Oct 23, 2011 Deborah & Barak (4:1-24) Play PDF
Oct 30, 2011 The Song of Deborah & Barak (5:1-31) Play PDF
Nov 13, 2011 The Call of Gideon (6:1-24)   PDF
Nov 20, 2011 Gideon - Take Bold Steps (6:25-40) Play  
Nov 27, 2011 Gideon's 300 (7) Play PDF
Dec 4, 2011 Gideon - Times to Appease and to Contend (8) Play  
Dec 11, 2011 Abimelech (9) Play PDF
Jan 1, 2012 Jephthah (10-12) Play PDF
Jan 8, 2012 Samson (13) Play PDF
Jan 15, 2012 Samson (14-15) Play  
Jan 22, 2012 Out of Weakness Made Strong (16) Play PDF
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