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Romans Series

A teaching series from the book of Romans - September 2006 to August 2007

It is generally agreed that the Epistle to the Romans is one of the greatest of the Christian writings. It is one of the most profound books in existence; it is certainly one of the most valued parts of the Bible. It has been appropriately termed the Cathedral of the Christian faith. It contains the foundational teachings for the New Testament Christian church.

The impact and influence of Romans is immeasurable. It has fired great men - Augustine, Luther, Bunyan, Wesley - and through them shaped the history of the church. But God has touched the lives of countless individuals through this letter - ordinary men and women who have read and believed and acted on the Apostle's teaching. (Eerdmans' Handbook of the Bible, p 582)

After a brief introduction, the dual themes of the salvation and deliverance are considered in detail in the first 8 chapters. Chapters 9 to 11 consider the question of Israel . The remainder of the book gives practical guidance to the Christian on the daily workings of the Spirit in our lives.

Introduction and Theme
Sep.10, 2006 Rom.1:1-7 Greetings From Paul Al Lockley Play
Sep.24, 2006 Rom.1:8-17 The Gospel of God Al Lockley Play
The Bad News - Condemnation
Oct.8, 2006 Rom.1:18-20 The World's Danger Don Axford Play
Oct.15, 2006 Rom.1:21-32 The Non Religious Person Condemned Don Axford Play
Oct.22, 2006 Rom.2:1-16 The Religious Person Condemned Don Axford Play
Nov.5, 2006 Rom.2:17-29 God's Covenant People Condemned Don Axford Play
Nov.12, 2006 Rom.3:1-20 All the World Condemned Don Axford Play
The Good News - Salvation
Nov.26, 2006 Rom.3:21-26 The Righteousness of God Mark Floyd Play
Dec.3, 2006 Rom.3:27-31 The Law of Faith Gerry Libby Play
Dec.10, 2006 Rom.4:1-12 Apart From Works Al Lockley Play
Dec.31, 2006 Rom.4:13-15 Apart From the Law Al Lockley Play
Jan.7, 2007 Rom.4:16-25 Abraham's Example Al Lockley Play
Jan.14, 2007 Rom.5:1-11 The Glorious Result Mark Floyd Play
The Good News - Deliverance
Jan.21, 2007 Rom.5:12-21 The Two Streams of History Don Axford Play
Jan.28, 2007 Rom.6:1-11 The Old is Dead Mark Floyd Play
Feb.4, 2007 Rom.6:12-14 The New is Alive Mark Floyd Play
Feb.11, 2007 Rom.6:15-23 Under New Management Al Lockley Play
Feb.18, 2007 Rom.7:1-14 Released From the Law Don Axford Play
Feb.25, 2007 Rom.7:15-25 Released From the Struggle Don Axford Play
Mar.11, 2007 Rom.8:1-11 Life in the Spirit - Free at Last Al Lockley Play
Mar.18, 2007 Rom.8:12-17 Life in the Spirit - Exalted Position Al Lockley Play
Mar.25, 2007 Rom.8:18-25 The Creation Set Free Mark Floyd Play
Apr.1, 2007 Rom.8:26-30 A New Purpose Mark Floyd Play
Apr.15, 2007 Rom.8:31-32 God is For Us Mark Floyd Play
Apr.22, 2007 Rom.8:33-34 God is The One Who Justifies Mark Floyd Play
May 6, 2007 Rom.8:35-39 God is The One Who Keeps Al Lockley Play
The Place of Israel
May 13, 2007 Rom.9:1-13 True Israel Don Axford Play
May 20, 2007 Rom.9:14-29 God's sovereign Choice Don Axford Play
May 27, 2007 Rom.9:30-10:21 Israel's Present Rejection Don Axford Play
Jun.10, 2007 Rom.11:1-10 Extent of Israel's Rejection Don Axford Play
Jun.17, 2007 Rom.11:11-24 Purpose of Israel's Rejection Don Axford Play
Jun.24, 2007 Rom.11:25-36 Duration of Israel's Rejection Don Axford Play
Practical Exhortations
Jul.1, 2007 Rom.12:1-8 Consecration & Service Randy McLaughlin Play
Jul.8, 2007 Rom.12:9-21 Behaviour Toward Others David Reid Play
Jul.22, 2007 Rom.13:1-7 Behaviour Toward Government Chris Renault Play
Jul.29, 2007 Rom.13:8-14 Loving Others D.DeBaeremaeker Play
Aug.5, 2007 Rom.14:1-12 Dealing with Different Convictions B.J. Raymond Play
Aug.12, 2007 Rom.14:13-15:3 Pursuing Peace & Edification Ron Van Holst Play
Aug.19, 2007 Rom.15:4-13 Christian Unity Gord Fiss Play
Aug.26, 2007 Rom.15:14-33 Paul's Journey Plans Clive Hodson Play
Sep.2, 2007 Rom.16 Greetings and Closure Don Axford Play
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